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masterful theatrical, instantaneous, life to death is gradual/ tha rap subterranean, I hurry shit / my Hip Hop is puritan ‘n’ my thirst is furious / verbal disturbances verse by verse fire out tha turret / fervently curious regarding occurances with the unknown / sport a paisley kerchief ‘n’ let tha gun blow / tha best flow, Criminal Minded like Boogie Down Productions / suffice Science provides verbal concussions ‘n’ subdural hematomas undetectable by X-Rays ‘n’ CT scans / take a photograph, my demographic’s far ‘n’ wide / my bars is wise ‘n’ scar minds / I spark carbines that fracture subpar rhymes like flippin’ cars ‘n’ spines / I toss darts dipped in cyanide, try to hide behind a thin line, you get minimized like humble pies / to rise above tha fake, I launch slugs like scuds in Kuwait in ’91, for your life you get no rebate…

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