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keep it legible, I stay on schedule ‘n’ trade heavy weight / bevies of 8ths while these MCs are pebbles / change tha decimal, I raise decibles ‘n’ get weed for medical by tha brick like Reginald Denny / remain in tha whip / semis ‘n’ clips empty epiphanies ‘n’ most of these ninjas are too pretty to kick it with me / misery enjoys sobriety in high society, y’all get on tha mic ‘n’ lie to me / my verse makes tha track dryheave ‘n’ my girth leaves her crying joyous / Science annoid by these toy hits / boisterous, my voice’ll knee you in tha groin bitch / poised prim ‘n’ proper, a metaphysical Hip Hopper / just cuz I floss a backpack don’t think I won’t spit tha Glock 1st / like Moses I was lost at birth, you lames, see who posts it on their blog 1st / unheroic, cuz for me it’s all hopeless / Milo remains loaded stoic, I slap emotions…
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