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Originally Posted by The_Cyclenauts View Post
were not worried about anything. were just more informed and aware of reality than most people around us.
pretty much...worry is one of those types of things that causes health pathologies and creative should be avoided at all costs...

yeah noel your words above pretty much dis-qualify you even being responded to because they are all eskewed and discombubulated son

lets separate these contradictions shall we?

first of all...those true queens and true kings who have the most precious of knowledge and avoid " preservatives and chemicals and shit" would more than likely not allow that power vampire known as "worry" to blow holes in their theoretical power collection tank

this is one way how you inquiry is eskewed

second of all...this precious knowledge would include that you don't eat meat...meat eats you...

worry and eating meat don't help winning a VICTORY against that which causes poor health

theres alot of tree huggin bed wetting liberal hippy dooshbag channeler of entity types who claim they can eat taco bell and can "program their subconshush mind" so that that shit won't effect their health...eye find it shows the age of innocence is not yet done...although this progamming has its advantages its a poor military strategy in the war against sickness to think your punk ass subconshush mind will ENSURE that "food" won't run amuck and send your over "the ledge"...and once again...its not food for you...when you eat taco bell that inside your body which is planning to create a tumor is cheering DINNERTIME!!!!!! one feature of falling off the ledge is the voice of dat devil Yacob's doctors and nurses telling you what they are gonna do to you to make sure you live...and the majority people out of fear (who is a cousin of worry) willl relinquish they self to them...enslavement begins


"subliminal messages you're being exposed to when you turn on the tv."

when one has the precious knowledge of kings..that knowledge of all isn't too harmfull in moderation...but those who don't have it suffer greatly as a result of the tv...thats a whole subject in itself but...eye enjoy the tv...but eye fast from tv watching and the one way eye personally don't like it is how it puts thoughts of poverty in your about the economy, commercials that be like "hey....your just sitting on the couch you lazy now to start your new career".....not to mention the victim mentality promoted on tv shows.....watching tv has the remarkable ability to keep one in a state of poverty.....

as far as paranoia....eye don't really even acknowedge the terminology of vampire euro-centric psychiatric science...but...eye cee this physical world as the real dream world...all eye do is stay entertained...a few days ago eye got a call from people claiming to be "CIA/illuminati" and basically they threatened to killl mah self and family if eye didn't join them...

eye wasn't worried, fearfull, ashamed, Grieved...

its all entertainment....this 3-d holographic dreamstate that eye created for mah self with light energy is entertainment...eye have travelled to the unknowable AKA the spirit realm quite a few times and percieved its energy and infinite emptyness....realizing that the unknowable is that which sustains the sub-atomic "world" and beyond om only concerned with the unknowable during mah vacation here in this physical universe

"The question is, do you think that by worrying about all that shit and adjusting your actions and lifestyle in accordance with what you know (or what you THINK you know), you are actually improving your health and quality of life? "

even though this question is ESKEWED(cee above)you are obviously not striving for perfection...striving to kill that which is trying to kill your physical self is what a person seeking perfection would this case the perfected person goes to war with that which causes poor a war you MINIMALIZE ALL POSSIBLE UNKNOWNS AS might live next to a fuckin chemical plant with a smokestack...yeah...theres unknowns that alot times we have no control over and thats even more proof of why its so imperative to minimalize all possible unknowns...

oh what a tribulation we as humans are in...we have to be infinitely more serious about our health than people living 100 years ago and before...because they didn't have to deal with these toxins in their bodies...

but personally eye went raw vegan for at least 8 months eating large amounts of organic food daily, sunbathing, doing deep breathing, purifying emotions, fasting....and eye can say that the results eye saw was emphatic as a mothafucka...eye never felt so good in mah life!!!!!!

at the end of those 8 months eye saw the proof in a experience where eye got in a state of heightened awareness that was higher than any experience smoking weed or the 2 times eye shroomed or even having 6 with a lovely yin...

not only is your question eskew noel...but its like trying to describe something thats visually x-skwizzit to a blind person

the difference beetween knowledge and wisdom

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