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Default ffff...7 dimensions and beyond for dummies

if you could break down the 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th dimension in da most simplelest non wordy no frills way how would u do it?

if you wanna do 8 and 9 and beyond gah head...but om mostly concerned with 4-7

if this has been covered already pardon shelf and also eye am already aware of the futility of even trying to describe any of this...

basically whut led miguel knowcheeze hyphen thang to ax dis ? is basically that thread by style...

before that thread eye personally mapped the 4th dimension as being not part of the physical universe...but now eye cee that the 5th is the first dimension independent of the physical universe

before this eye identified those colors eye cee when eye close mah eyes, or in the dark to be the 4th dimension...

when eye look at the colors long enough eye starting cee-ing another "movie" inside that....its a movie that forms on its own with no effort on mah part...eye ceen that as the 5th dimension....and the 6th is the images eye cee in mah thoughts...

om currently re-mapping out this shit....

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