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can you give me an example of something that doesn't exist ?

anything which u could isolate from the physical universe a being "a thing" in and of itself does not least thats how eye cee it

as far as om concerned the physical universe on a whole in its totality is the only thing which exists because eye don't percieve anything in the physical universe as being separate from anything else in the physical universe

what is infinite and does not exist ?

everything which does not exist is infinite

implying existence automatically implies non-existence will happen sooner or later

nothing is forever...literally

how is a force non - physical -

you would have to ax koolgraprakim...he's the one who said certain forces was nonphysicall....eye used his comment to lead him to the answer to his question....eye didn't use those words

how can something that is considered non-physical, move something that is physical ?

eye don't know but it appears that the nonphysical has supreme authority over the physical and is responsible for its movement
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