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anything which u could isolate from the physical universe a being "a thing" in and of itself does not exist...

so are you saying that our perception is the only unreal thing ?

ahhh...see your bringing another word into it...REAL...eye don't in da brain computer identify as REAL and Existant as being synonimous

eye cee that that which is free from the realm of existence and non existence is actually the most REALEST shit you could concieve of

something which could be destroyed doesn't seem real to da God

penises and vaginas are very very different yo

for conversational purposes eye could say they are different....but as far speaking on how eye percieve things on a whole...nothing in the physical is separate from another...

"everything which does not exist is infinite"

so if it's being measured by "one" of us, it is infinite - it is an image of what does really exist - it is our own projection ?

if "it" is being measured then it isn't infinite...only the non physical is infinite...there couldn't be an accurate image of that which truly exists because its impossible to visualize everything in the physical universe on a whole....

it is our own projection ?

WHY EQUALITY SELF!!!!!!!.....the physical universe is ultimately a dream created by our own projection of light energy....

i'm saying that even what we think we see is real - it exist - and is physical -

yeah...well going back to the above....eye don't think that which is existant is real....but defineatly the totality of what we cee with our 2 eyes is that which exists...and yes it is physical!!!!

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