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set off a verbal riot, it’s Science / who tha fuck you thought supplied it? high as a kite with tha droopy eyelids / tha iron spit, maneuvers like Heimlich with 12-packs of Heineken / I’ll smack tha fire outcha system, splash ya with a bisquit / phi beta kappa, I hate rappers with fake swagger / lampin’ strapped in tha back, I let tha tech spray like cans of paint ‘n’ backpackers / ciphers with abstracts ‘n’ hardcores, the Art of War art of 16s / spliffs of weed kept in jars, clips empty gritty / Los Angelino steelo, my heart, muy frio / big wig like Stewie Griffen, Uzi dick in Jacuzzi bitches / Twisted’s sadistic ‘n’ swipes ice off a wrist, so sue me…
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