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Originally Posted by pmack215 View Post
man i was actually pretty disappointed. i thought they did a terrible job unfolding the story, and then tying the story all together.

my general thoughts......

rza's acting is terrible!!!!!! he should've just been director and found another actor.
rza was also narrator. again, bad choice.

russell was awesome! great acting. super cool.

not much to the story. not told well at all. anticlimactic.

dialogue was pretty sub-par.

stylistically was very nice. good direction overall!
good fight scenes & stayed true to classic kung-fu, but camera was too close too often.

cool characters.

great music! score & sdtrk songs! great ODB placement!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! respect!

i struggle to give it a 5/10.
......and i'm a HUGE rza fan. i'm actually a tad surprised tarantino has his name out front all over this.
despite my feelings, i still am proud i took 2 other people with me to support it on opening night. will always support WU.
i'm also very proud of rza's accomplishment here. this is a HUGE HUGE HUGE step. even if i didnt like the film, i still recognize what rza has done here......going from attempted murder charge in the projects of NY, to making the greatest contribution to hiphop EVER....with the hardest & biggest group of guys imaginable, to hollywood, and now director/writer/star of a major motion picture released throughout the world, with QT's name on it (greatest filmmaker of all time). AMAZING! plus, developing an incredible friend/business network.
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