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Here's my thing. Why don't you get the fuck out of these twamp sac ass environments when looking for black women?

I don't ever have a problem finding reasonable black women because i'm not crawling around human sewers. Why not go to a church, a university campus, and african american community gathering of distinction, WORK?! and get off youtube bruh?

I made this thread cause i thought the nigga in it was funny and butt hurt. Now it's the black bitch boy beach house extraveganza. Ignorant ass bitch men that look for women on youtube and worldstarhip

Black women aren't different from white women, at all. They look better when you bend them over because their vagina forms into their ass a lot better, and they have a different hair texture at times, but there's really no difference.

If you're a loser you're going to be surrounded with loser ass women bruh. If all the black women around you are unreasonable you're unreasonable.

I was in DC/Baltimore for like 4 days and was pulling numbers from black women that were completely reasonable and normal for sport. None of them were the type of women described in this piece as i am not the type of black man that would be described in a piece that was similar.

I look at black men that are still complaining and live in places like the east coast or atlanta packed with cosby ass bitches and most parts as a majority, and are dwelling on twamp nut ass sewer bitches.

You don't see white people complaining about women and listing trailer park qualities. They're not going to rumage through the trailer park for bitches and if they're constantly encountering trailer bitches they're fucking trailer themselves bruh.

This shit isn't rocket science. Ironman is too much of a pussy and he's intimidated by black women, possibly women in general, and Charles Jones is a goof ball from hell. Finding normal ass black women is not difficult what so ever, and i don't encounter these problems because I know what bitch is a loser and what bitch isn't being that im a part of the human, offline, race.

The best is champion ass black women are single as well. It's like being a kid in a candy factory in the places you gays live. I had one black bitch try to scam me for money, but i knew she was a scumbag and we were mutually using each other for gentials, that's cool, im not going to list her in my encounters with black women because she's a sociopath and abnormal. Otherwise it's not that deep. They have annoying female mannerisms but deal with it, faggot.

black american males should just admit they're not attracted to black women and stop making 'reasons'. If you're not attracted cool, it's not that deep nigga.
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