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Originally Posted by CharlesJones View Post
Ya'll aren't hearing me. I don't care if he can still play. He's old. Isn't he 37-38 years old? He's had a good career and it's time for him to leave. I know it's hard for most players to retire but there comes a time when you have to. I remember when he kept having surgery on his knees when he was with Orlando. He should've retired then. I'm sure his wife probably tried to talk him into retiring back then and he didn't wanna listen. Grant has a lot of money and his wife has money. I'm sure if he would've retired when he was with Orlando, he would've been able to survive. He could get a job as a NBA commentator because he speaks well. If i was a NBA player and it was time for me to retire, i would have enough money to live. What's so sad to me is that so many NBA players don't save their money and when they retire, they're in financial trouble. People that got regular good jobs can live good when they retire if they save their money. I'm gonna make sure i got a lot of money saved when i retire from working. Hopefully i can retire by the time i'm 55 or 60.
teams pick him up cos he can play is a good influence on younger players and loves the game of basketball, his career was almost over many times thru injury and he has survived that now cos you think hes too old he should retire? im sure he could walk away and live comfortably but why stop when your still wanted and can fill a role?
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