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LOL, it's a EP put together chopping each word from Poet Laureate Infinity.

So by me chopping the words and aligning them you thought Bis was rapping smart ? Ok.

I'm not going to use my best beats for a PL Infinity project.

If you think I'm bad based off just this, so be it, perhaps I made Wu Affiliated music you do like, or not. It's whatever.

My group (Wu heads on LP). ^

You might see some Wu heads in video. ^

Promo Bis did over my beat. ^

I honestly don't give a fuck if someone says I'm bad, I'm good or if someone says Rakim is bad or good or if Wu is good or bad, whatever to each their own.

There is a shitload of my tracks on the web maybe you'll like something, or not, fair enough.

But if you want to know more about the actual process of PLI EPs (which some like or don't) like this (which is not studio Bis songs) then peep :

Wu Corp Mixtape :

But if you want to hear studio Bis Dj KI tracks peep :

Or :

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