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The Bible is a collection of writings for initiates and is written in code to hide its true meaning from non-initiates (the true “Gentiles”).

Hilton Hotema’s writings confirm this. In Awaken the World Within he wrote, “The Hebrew language was at first a secret sacerdotal jargon of Egyptian origin. And did not become the spoken language of the Hebrews until after their exodus from Egypt.”

“The word ‘Jew’ is used throughout the Apocalyse in its kabalistic meaning, for one having esoteric knowledge, an initiate.”

The Bible’s primary theme is the rebirth of animalistic man into Godman through the cultivation of the Holy Spirit which the Bible calls Shechinah, the Holy Ghost, the Christ, the Messiah, Samson and the serpent.

And Moses made a serpent
of brass, and put it upon a pole.

-- Numbers 21:0

Moses raised a serpent in the wilderness and put it upon a pole.

What that’s saying is that the initiate raised his serpentine fire within the wilderness (wild animal nature) of his flesh body up the pole of his spinal column into his brain.

Almost every Bible story had to do with this fiery serpent.

There is a bioelectrical energy in the body focused in the spine at the coccyx. This force is connected with the very force that makes and runs the universe.

The aim of the initiate is to raise the force from the lower parts of the body (“hell”) to the brain centers called the pituitary and pineal glands (“heaven”). When that occurs the person is reborn and eventually becomes a messiah, a Christ, a symbolic “son of God.”

There are seven energy matrixes along the spinal route which the Samson solar force of the serpentine fire must burst through. These are called “wheels” in the Bible and in India (i.e., chakras). The Bible also calls them lilies.

Jesus said, “Have you considered the lilies of the field? Solomon, in all his glory was not arrayed as beautifully as these.”

Wow! Certainly the Master was not talking about a simple flower.

The lily (lotus) symbolizes a chakra. Seen clairvoyantly, they are beautifully colored shining, spinning with mixtures of lovely hues and emitting angelic sounds and even incense odors.

In Ezekiel, the chakras are called wheels. Because in the oldest wisdom system only four chakras were used (instead of the seven now utilized) Ezekiel wrote of the four living creatures. They correspond to Aquarius, Scorpio, Leo and Taurus.

Each of the seven chakras functions along with seven corresponding ductless glands symbolized as “seven churches (i.e., circles) in Asia” (the body).

In order to raise up the holy spirit (kundalini) to the brain, the initiate has to wage war on his lower self, his animal spirit, and subdue it.

Jacob wrestled with a man (Gen. 32: 24-30) and won. The place at which they wrestled was Pineal. The man (or angel) grabbed Jacob’s genitals, forcing him to walk with a limp.

Jacob refused to release the “man” till he blessed him, and asked the “man” his name. Instead of revealing his own name to Jacob, he gave Jacob a new name, Israel.

And Jacob called the name
of the place Peniel, for I have
seen God face to face and
my life is preserved.

-- Genesis 32:30

The highest chakra (crown) affects the pineal gland. When the spirit (Ruach) force reaches the pineal, the crown (“heaven”) opens and one can truly see clairvoyantly. Until then, as most people sadly are right now, he is blind, deaf and dumb. Kundalini can also preserve life.

Jacob (the initiate) wrestled with his lower sex-drive animal nature. But a key point is embedded in the story. To reach enlightenment (the opening of the 3rd eye) you have to use the power of the sex drive and the pleasure principle to shoot the Holy Spirit from out of the coccyx “cave” up to the pineal gland. So Jacob says, “I won’t let you go until you bless my soul.”

The Semitic word for blessed is “baraka” which is also a code word for kundalini energy.

In ancient Egypt wisdom the goddess Isis tries to get Ra to reveal his name to her. Isis used trickery and a serpent to influence Ra. When Ra finally revealed himself he did so in these words Nuk Pa Nuk. That means “I am that I am.” Sound familiar? All the stories are variations on the same theme.

Jacob like Isis, tried to get the angel to reveal its name.

The name of a high being is actually its mantra, its sacred sound.

The most sacred of sounds is Aum which in Semitic tradition, became Amen. That sound stimulates the Pineal gland.

But each initiate gets a secret sound that only really works for her. That secret sound that personal vibratory sound, is what both Isis and Jacob sought.

Isis used trickery and in many places in the Bible Jacob is a trickster. Here’s what that means. You have to tease, lure, coax and trick the serpentine fire into “flame on” mode. Often this is done through tantric lifeforce intensification rituals.

The angel, finally is subdued at daybreak. The flash of light insight, kundalini rising and clairvoyance (or at least seeing of visions) results from gaining mastery over the lower appetites.

The former combatant now becomes a blessing. The initiate sees God face to face. His name change to Is-Ra-El only signifies the combined faculties of Isis (trance), Ra (Holy Spirit) and El (heavenly consciousness).

The initiates agree that the lower nature must be controlled. All of the scriptural wars are symbols for the initiate’s battle against her lower animal nature. Sometimes the same battle is styled a “sacrifice” of an animal for the pleasure of God.

That’s a metaphor for killing the dominance of the animal spirit to experience a higher form of bliss the good pleasure of God.

In Christian Fitrah we don’t kill our animals. We need them to reach Jerusalem (the brow chakra). Instead, we domesticate our animals, we transmute their force so that they serve our journey to divinity.

“Be ye transformed by the renewing of your minds.”
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