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Dude, there is no way in fuck eye'm gonna waste my time on a serious debate with you. Eye've only read a handful of your posts and it's all eye needed to deduce that you've got the intelligence level of a six year old.

this is comming from a dude who thinks that people are mindless idiots who avoid polluting their are in bizarro world muh man so what you really mean is that eye got the intelligence of the architect of the heavens and earth

Eye've also noticed that you throw around the term "victim mentality" as if it's applicable to everybody who you disagree with. You clearly have no fucking idea what it even means. Let me explain it to you. It's like black people blaming the white man for all of their shortcomings. That's a victim mentality.

you got the ultimate victim attack people who are trying to not be victims...and u only attack them cuz you lazy and these type of people expose your don't have the DISIPLINE to live a lifestyle which avoids these toxins....and yes....this is why eye LOVE THE 5 percenters....because 5 percenters don't put the blame on the white man....the blame is placed solely on YACUB and the original people on the planet for going astray......LOL

Eye've also noticed that you inappropriately label everybody you disagree with as "lazy". So eye'll give you an example of how to use that label properly too. It's like black people complaining about how hard they have it and how racist the world is, but doing absolute fuck all to resolve this issue and create a better image and life for themselves. That's lazy.

the lazy label was used by one of the trolls up in here and eye just went and ran with it.....and it fits...YOU FUCKIN make no sense.....the whole purpose of your initial post in this thread is basically you attacking people who are trying to create a better life for you take psycho meds son?

And because you're so fucking simple and probably couldn't figure this out for yourself, eye feel it necessary to point out that the reason eye copied and pasted your post instead of quoting it properly was to take the piss out of you. Eye can't believe eye actually feel the need to explain that, but eye do.

eye willl quote what Rambo told Sherriff Teagle in first blood when he caught him up in the mountain.....LET IT GO!!!!!!!!!....LET IT GO!!!! OWL GIVE YOU A WAR YOU WON"T FORGET.....

son.....just shut da fuck up....
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