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Originally Posted by FMJ View Post
I don't see it that way.

Power implies knowledge (if you do something, you obviously know how to do it).

But knowledge does not necessarily lead to power (it is possible to know something, but are unable to do it).

that whole knowledge is power shit was a phrase concockted by people who got no power...

basically the ultimate form of power is health, wealth(not to be confused with riches), longevity, equality, and connection with the unknowable AKA the spirit realm

in other words when you internally hygenic, properly nourished, got a de-calcified pineal organ, you treat everyone and everything like you treat yourself, you vibrating at a high frequency, and you got a nasty God science....thats power

yeah controlling land and resources and bench pressing 300 pounds is power too but its inferior to true power....

and can have all the knowledge in the word....if its not put to use its defineatly not could have all the college degrees in the world.....if you not healthy then you really don't have true power.....

eye cee eleven as a master number cuz it implies the knowledge of all knowledge.....the most precious knowledge...

eye think the confusion is that knowledge(1) is that primary connection with the primordial(zero) which created the heavens and the earth.....we get knowledge through our 7 senses and a variety of other ways...knowledge is everything we percieve....eye cee knowledge as the unceen form of Allah.....being that knowledge is da closest to the creator of the heavens and the earth and power that people confuse it with power in the physical realm....

actually....divine culture is POWER!!!!!!!
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