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I move through tha aerial terrain with ill parables of pain felt deep within my heart, these bars speak / I ain’t sane, I have hatred tha size of half a grain seed until I spray paint trains in Spain ‘n’ blaze weed / tha Hip Hop Scourge ‘n’ I wear kerchiefs spittin’ sermons in words you never heard of / react to tha syntax flashed on that rapes rap / I flashback to tha days of spegack, Milo takin’ cat naps / back to Rae ‘n’ tha Purple Tape, circulate, now tha only thing dope today is served in tha coke cakes / skate back to where they trade half 8ths of crack for 20s of scratch / it was overrated, ya heard flame flash from a Special thirty-eight / it misfired, tha thugs ‘n’ drug dealers used nines ‘n’ Techs to clap tha buyers / a thousand claws in tha God’s jaw / Science - tha Mic Terrorist, careless / arm my sentence with a pair of clips…
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