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chronically chronologic ‘n’ caustic how I accost tha pen to paper ‘n’ embrace time haters / in lies tha weight, slice tha fake rhyme makers / crash tha wake ‘n’ inflate corpse inebriation / I should be awarded for tha pain alleviation I insinuate / y’all best assimilate to how my Hip Hop dictates / tha latest bulletin, stray bullets get lodged in your face ‘n’ you lames are full of it / dick in your mouth, I wonder how it tastes / ruckus don’t discriminate how I inseminate / lamp with champagne lenses / I stab crabs with tha hint of hate / stay in tha lab, I never graduate / my ratchet splashes fags ‘n’ fakes / my style captivates ‘n’ cats become sympathetic with their synthetic ways / alleged rhymes escape when my tech 9 sprays / annihilate that smile off your face / my Los Angelino steezo corrodes erodes like latrines ‘n’ developments of pisto / increase tha war like Gs up north with shanks as swords / cascades of flame, my hardcore never change / when it rains it pours, like righteous teachers / Science, tha MC who visualize a thesaurus in a wet tee-shirt / yo God, greazy skeezers attract a chorus but I’m way beyond those coordinates / drinkin’ Russian Vodka with communist sluts ‘n’ Gorbachev / you rappers get slapped with used douche bags / how you gonna explain to your seed that he got 2 dads? confused-ass ninjas, won’t advance unless they got a crew-ass ninjas / yo, I suplex you ninjas / Rubic’s Cuban linc, thoughts is high-falutin’ ‘n’ rude like post-pubescent sexist text messages sent after 6 drinks…
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