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Originally Posted by THE GENIUS View Post
If you're the best Wu-Tang member, you have to show it by dropping quality albums. Uncontrolled Substance is a 4.5/5. It's almost impossible for someone with Inspectah Deck's qualities to not have a classic or two. His ultimate album would've been during 96-98.

Ghostface Killah

all made classics and albums of very high quality. Deck's solo carreer would be good for the normal rapper but it's Deck so no.

On Wu-Tang Forever he was the best tho, definitely.
but raekwon had the worst verse on every song on OB4CL or maybe 2nd worse on some songs. ob4cl was a classic because of rza and guest spots(mainly ghostface).

u cant give credit to rae for that album being a classic.

its like saying phife dawg is an amazing rapper because of atcq albums
Originally Posted by CharlesJones View Post
I wonder if she has cancer because women that are bald headed usually have cancer.

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