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Originally Posted by noel411 View Post
lolz. I find it exceedingly humouress to be accused of being "confused and lost" here in KTL. That is like the ultimate irony to me.
LOL it's menacing^

Also I agree that repeating facts and often information that is complete utter garbage is not a legitimate way to measure or assess one's intelligence.

I think the most frustrating thing about my career, is explaining what it really entails. Sure you have an immense amount resources and references for writing code, even frameworks that you can build upon to get a project up and running..

but every day whether I like it or not, I have to think abstractly, critically, and wear many hats. It really isn't easy to build something out of thin air, let alone write it in a way that can be interpreted and understood by someone who inherits it a few years down the line.

I have to basically incrementally augment the amount of new information that my brain absorbs throughout the year..... make sure I can retain it, (repeat).

Then - I have to not only fully understand it, but put it into practice and create something of use. (That is what requires intelligence). I really have gotten to the point where I need to partition my brain to accomodate for new changes in language specifications, business logic, industry trends, etc etc.

For someone[KTLaliens] to point a finger and make a snide remark about another's intelligence - because they either a: don't believe everything that infowars publishes OR B: either isn't interested about fluoride water or never looked into it

- is nothing short of an absurd, narrow-minded individual who will trudge through life in most unpragmatic fashion.

oh.. and


Originally Posted by JASPER View Post
You'll cowards dont even drink cock liquor.

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