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Originally Posted by soul controller View Post
you dont come across better than them if you ridicule them, depends how you call them out, cos even if they explain to you, you wont understand cos as you said, 'you dont look into that stuff'

so how can you come across better than them? i think thats just in your own mind, you come across better..
I wasn't concerned about coming across "better" than anyone. I was concerned about coming across as thinking I'm "better" than them. But yeah, I realised during that exchange with Robbie that there's really no reason to be concerned about that in this thread. It just came up because I thought he'd call me out on it, but he actually hadn't.

I've posted a few threads in here in the past that questioned people's intentions and approach to posting here, and suggested they might think about changing their ways, and people have taken it as me thinking I'm above everybody else and that I'm saying they should try to be like me, when in fact I never even mention myself in those threads. I'm just trying to get people to take a look at themselves and explore the reasoning behind what motivates them to do what they do.

It's like I honestly believe only the minutest fraction of people come here with the intention of learning something and trying to grow as a person. The majority of people here are much more concerned with trying to look smart, show off how much they "know", and "win" debates. I don't think I've ever seen anybody in here humbly accept that they were incorrect in a discussion and admit that the person they'd been arguing with was correct. Instead people spin endless fucking shit to try to prove not only to the rest of the forum, but to themselves, that they're "right". It's fucken pathetic and completely counter-productive. You will never grow with that sort of an approach. It does much more harm than good.

And people are so scared of "contradicting" themselves, and get so excited when they catch someone else in a "contradiction", like they've just "exposed" them or whatever. It's fucken ridiculous. How the fuck are you ever gonna grow as a person if you're worried about contradicting yourself? Contradiction is growth. At least if it's genuine. Not if you're just a fucken idiot who's doing everything he can to "win" a debate and accidentally change your point of view half way. Growth involves changing your point of view on things as you learn more about them and about yourself. If you're worried about contradicting yourself you'll never grow but instead get stuck in the same stupid fucking set ways and "opinions" and spend your life on KTL arguing with people.

Anyway, I guess that turned into a rant. So be it.

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