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Default are peoples of an african descent genetically more rhythmic than other peoples?

ive tried googling about this but ive found no satisfactory answers.

first off i know that all peoples are not genetically similiar. this is because different peoples have evolved differently eg peoples living in high altitude generally have higher lung capacity than other peoples.

also i noticed that peoples of an african origin seem to be better with rhythm. jazz music is the most complex music in terms of rhythm and if you listen to african music its more rhythmic than majority of other types of music.

i know that this might not be because of genetics but because of culture or socio-economic factors.

but on the other hand the african people had very rhythmic music for so so long that it could have become partly genetic.

its been shown that animals such as geese are born with an instinctive fear of certain predators even though they were just born and couldnt have been taught about the predators.

all animals are born with certain innate mental qualities so why can rhythm not be one of them. i know humans are born with an innate fear of falling.

also if you think of natural selection. africans who had more rhythm would probably be more sexually attractive because rhythmic music was such a big part of african life. and therefore their offspring would have better rhythm and so on.

i know that hardly any research has been done on this and that theres hardly any evidence but i want 2 hear other people's ideas because i didn't find anything interesting from google.
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