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Originally Posted by MosHigh View Post
shut em down your powerless against the abyss
phrases take days to navigate from start to finish
with a fragmented sentence i get demented ill skill i trend it
kids follow like hallows tryin' to swallow every minute
if it's mines i spend it sublimes lines get reinvented
intellects i still wreck and leave up-ended and dented
cornfed with hot sauce and chicken grease on my fingers
my aroma from G.I. to Daytona in the air still lingers
Mos funk would punk a skunk got ya nose open in love with the spunk
tea bags i dunk when brunching with little girls with tea cups up front
and a bubble in the trunk
you nggas is like Chunky A i'm more chilly then O'shea
with more methods then Cliff a Starang Wondah with the spliff
Sons i uplift and gift spread solar power to cowards cowering in the dark
blinds get devoured trying to fight the might of the thoughts i spark
ignore this cock, I remember MosHigh from off my block..
get off my jock, im just fuckin, my lyrical roughness causes spiritual toughness..
but not in you, only me, so you can only see how I tear you in 2, then hicup quick..
get up kid, this aint a bed, you fainted dead nearing my crazed intent of spittin my maming text...
I drain you dead, no life, you a case for feds, hoe, a trife, cant even hold a knife...
I slay your freinds, by gross, no net, die slow, leave em slowly moping the edge..
open the rest, grossly infect, atmosphere nothing but ghostly embedded red bedding a mess..
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