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breakdown of the new stuff:

Protagonists are listed as “Michael”, “Trevor” and “Franklin”
Protagonists live miles apart – play can switch between each of them – at any time – using a “radial dial”
Switching only works when not on a designated mission
Players can use all three protagonists to work together in heist missions
Each character has exclusive mini-games to take part in outside of missions
There will be “no major names” voicing the protagonists
Rockstar has confirmed players should “not expect” to see CJ or Tommy Vercetti as they would be like “mythical characters” in Los Santos
Mobile phones will return
Dyamic missions, like the random ones from Red Dead: Redemption, will appear to GTA V
The city is one large expansive area, instead of broken down islands
Los Santos is bigger than the worlds in Red Dead: Redemption, GTA IV and GTA: San Andreas combined
Areas include Beach fronts, military bases, Mt. Chiliad and a “fully detailed ocean floor”
The ocean floor provides “the same attention” as the above land with deep ravines, rocky canyons, coral beds and more to explore
The draw distance in GTA IV was “about 1.5km”, GTA V aims to render “the most distant mountains… many many miles away”
GTA V will see the return of Ammu-nation
Driving has been revamped with new physics
Shooting has evolved with Rockstar claiming there’s an evolution in “how you play the game”
GTA V “evolves nearly every mechanic, features the biggest world in series history and introduces a new technology that radically changes the way players control the game.
Three main characters are called Michael, Trevor and Franklin.
A quick menu can be called up to switch characters, the camera pulls away into a Google Earth-style vantage point and then drops into wherever the chosen character is
Trevor is described as having a “maniacal personality”
Trevor is in Blaine County, a barren, rundown desert region filled with bikers, meth heads and other people from the fringes of society
Characters can “flick off” people and people react differently depending on the area. In a rough-and-tumble neighbourhood the reaction will be different from someone in a posh boutique store
Rockstar’s playtester pours a trail of gas away from a vehicle and drops a zippo lighter on it, the flame travels back and causes a huge explosion.
Franklin is seen on Vespucci Beach looking for a car he’s to repossess
He drops the top of the car once he gets in
Waterfront activities include a muscle beach gym
Each character has his own personality motivation and skill set
They go about their daily business when you’re not in control, so you might find them in surprising situations when you take control of them again
Each character has a fleshed out story arc
Complicated, multi-tiered heist missions inspired by GTA IV’s Three Leaf Clover are “peppered” into the game
Heists are a big theme
Rockstar is addressing mission diversity in pairing characters, it showed off a mission involving all three characters
The trio need to perform a snatch-and-grab to get the FIB off their backs
Trevor berates security agent guarding a chopper, Michael urges him to calm down but he keeps running his mouth, he only agreed to do the mission in exchange for help springing his friend Brad out of jail.
Franklin isn’t to comfortable with Trevor
The three change outfits
The musical score seems to react to the action
They extract the target by holding him hostage with one arm while pointing a gun at interrogators with the other, at that point an icon appears giving the player the option to switch character
You can stay as Michael and try and pick of the enemies or select franklin, switch to his perspective and snipe them from afar.
Transition is smooth and camera angle helps you adjust
During the chase through Los Santos the player can switch to Trevor to pilot the getaway, snipe the other pilots as Franklin/
Rockstar is leveraging cinematic tricks learned from Max Payne 3

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