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Originally Posted by Aclikyano View Post
ignore this cock, I remember MosHigh from off my block..
get off my jock, im just fuckin, my lyrical roughness causes spiritual toughness..
but not in you, only me, so you can only see how I tear you in 2, then hicup quick..
get up kid, this aint a bed, you fainted dead nearing my crazed intent of spittin my maming text...
I drain you dead, no life, you a case for feds, hoe, a trife, cant even hold a knife...
I slay your freinds, by gross, no net, die slow, leave em slowly moping the edge..
open the rest, grossly infect, atmosphere nothing but ghostly embedded red bedding a mess..
nggas Aclikdeyno but delusional off the flow
thinking they are so fly but they can't see the MosHigh
they more like a fall guy tryin' to stunt like i won't open em up
and dump out their guts top em off with that diesel from afghanie huts
you fell into my clutch now i'ma burn one down
until there's nothing but a roach found on the ground
i stomp out ya town have ya dreams crumbling all around
i'm so profound birth a ton of sons tryin' to blasphemy the Mos renown
"Fuck fame... I'll shoot a hole in a 50 cent piece to test my aim." - Masta Killah (One Blood)

"Kiss the pyramid...experiment wit high explosives. I slap box wit Jesus....lick shots at Joseph." - GFK (Daytona 500)
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