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theproph grasshopper

I was just in boots you couldn't walk a mile in
make ya moms take it on the chin like a violin
when I'm dialed in its fire in the hole set a fire to your home while you lie within I offend
with relative ease make your relatives bleed while they begging me please
I let the weapons release leave no seconds for grief
only thing left is a remnants of teeth every other evidence cleaned
I stepped from the chiefs committed genocide on the remaining tribe
bring the war to your door if you stay inside
even Robin Gibb couldn't stay alive hit em with the Ethan Hawke cause I'm taking lives
don't even talk I teach without a piece of chalk
whupping ass from sunset up to east new york
say your piece in court but I'm supreme nigga like the kai you will die if you scheme nigga
do or die bed stuy miss their king nigga you should tell em when I make you go met em
rap olympics bitch I'm taking gold medals you gon have to witness
make your ass religious cause I've half ascended into the rap olympus
this is a death sentence for your past offenses
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