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Originally Posted by ArcherPriest View Post
degenerant electric spit sizzles chairs til connections trip
bubble blood til the fuckin plugs melt away n they flesh is crisp
ever sick, level 6, heads chipped, manuevers are refrence blips
beamed to computers feds is slicker than sewers, drenched in shit
wont fall like the deficit, i wont crawl to my death a bitch
brawl long as my breath exist hittin bongs in suspended lift
bloody sawtooth status, eject the disk, move backwards
cuz the splatters could drench ya fuckin kicks n ruin fabrics
while looters run thru the cabinets, lose ya accets
we bag up ya booze n rachets, truest blackness
priest n eversick, two that come thru da baddest

peace on that shout holmes

Ruthless clashes,and lashes tounge spit demon plasmic's,custom gat so fat its blast leaves volcanic ashes,block out the Sun,just from aimin at son,I actually carry a burner as black as tina turner,but what's love got to do with it dun,ES an Priest shit where u sleep and eat off your plate,skate with ya fundz n just break ya fuckin bitches heart when we say we can't stay.ken griffy spliffy to get major leauge blazed,rip out a passage from your bible and wipe my ass with the page,ure left decayed in my dungeon jungle of rotton limbs that seem like roots from the tree of life I planted in mY morbid real life version of sim's.cromwell. St. Garden of grimm,bones with poems etched in em of the underground rhymes that I spin...

"We discourteous creatures, features of repetitive
feaster's,that pray on the opposite optical of logical people"

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