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Default Rehearsing

I think it was very mature of RZA to speak on rehearsing live shows...Too many of todays mc's think that all they need to do is get on stage, cuff their nuts, mean mug the crowd and yell a few slick rhymes into the mic...Alot of cats think they are "naturals"; like they too good to practice...Shits sickening; its immature, disrespectful to the art and fans that buy tickets...Personally I can't remember the last live show I spent bread on...In terms of live shows, the culture is really lacking...Its nice to see live bands be incorperated but cats need to bring more character out on stage and be more theatrical and its ok to do a few choreographed b-boy two-steps lol...Actually the last dope show I seen was Red and Meth a few years back the came to my hometown Pontiac, MI...Wasn't shit corney about they show but they did have a couple movements that by my eye were definitly synchronized but the shit came off dope...Same with Ghost when he would come thru wit his Unit, it looked to the un-trained eye like the show was spontaneous but I could tell they had somewhat of a routine...

Even the best most God-gifted artist practice their set...Shit aint gotta be corney...At its best, a live entertaining show will appear to the fans that its all spontaneous but it will have been rehearsed and tightened up with room left for spontaneous flurries

Wit WU's collective catalog and personalities, their set has limitless potential to be the stuff of legend...I mean seriously of epic proportion...Like some real historical entertainment shit

I could go on and on cause just the tought of a WU live show Extraviganza done the right way gets me pumped up...Shit would be utterly rediculous


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