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wow .....

''umm yeah you know, this happened so errr couldnt make it, yeah maybe.. right right. what off course yeah yeah *laughs absorbs it nourishing meal, so yeah everything different you know um.... ...yeahh i wake up, make a track,sleep smoke err yeahhh No, no, no (laughs) iknoowww *laughs*iknoooow thats like something you know (laughs) thats like, thats something yeahhh i guess so (laughs) what sounds is my sounds (laughs) yeah here it is im a fan of music you knoow errr planting my seeds watching them grow err yeah sunshine yeah yeah right about now ill be having a pot of soup yeahhh (laughs)yeah so you know i definitely thought about that definetly a thought errrr (laughs)some of us went in some of us i went myself riding on a bus errr yeahh (laughs)

Wu-International:Ok, Thanks very much for your time, we are looking forward to your projects as well as future endeavors.

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