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Originally Posted by ArcherPriest View Post
catacombs under roman forrests dim with ora's of sin
worshiper's cooridoors we're hoarded within
ready for war, machete swords to ya kin
floors fulla limbs insisioned portions of skin
with fema coffins lockin four to a bin..
fours spin, forified doors, board splints
poor kids, cry on the floor for more Kix
Serial killer sword shit, Lord's dish
fill ya head fulla holy holes thorn pricked
when we comin the bloods of war, pour thick

Givin the signal from cosmic war ships,docked in ya bitches pussy I whore rip,till her pours drip,CIA documents of spore strips that turn human flesh into horror core shit,pulling the strings on the Philly project with Tesla,Einstein mindz clash to resurrect the spirits of mecca,rip a black hole in time dont need a pocket protecta,u geeked out herbs need a reason to hate this prospector,drinkin nectar untill i see specters,casting demons in records,took a vacation at Bohemian grove rockin a skull n bones dress shirt,and if u get what I mean obscene beings with lost dreams crawl up outta the dirt like McGirt to mix genes,I invoke rainman status in 6 scenes,just peep Rhianna's umbrella im hidden in the flesh of her posture,as soon as the bitch leans,......

"We discourteous creatures, features of repetitive
feaster's,that pray on the opposite optical of logical people"

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