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Originally Posted by Shaolin Bloody Sword View Post
Well Vanilla Ice, MC Hammer, kriss kross, So so def, and many other mainstream artists were hot too. I would say my older brother had a huge influence in my taste in Hip-hop. He used to play 6 feet deep (Gravediggaz) in the house when i was like 11 or 12 years old. We grew up in the golden era of Hip-hop.... Back then commercial and real hip-hop had exposure; unlike now.
I remember when Kris Kross was hot, and I was a lil kid, I remember vibin to their music a lot when I was really young, their music was funny, lol, but i didnt took their music seriously, I started listening to hip-hop because of skateboarding, first I was into beastie boys, house of pain and cypress hill, but then i discovered resturn to 36 chambers by odb, then wu-tang, then mobb deep, then it was written by nas, then cnn...i really liked nyc sound back then, i miss that boom-bap hip-hop, specially QB mobb deep dark boom-bap, that was my shit!

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