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Originally Posted by THE GENIUS View Post
pussy did you get a taste of real weed in amsterdam
dude, I want to go to AmsterDAMN, that city must be the craziest city to party in the whole world, but the way, I listen to every kind of music if its good, so AmsterDAMN its really a sick city.

I dont know why americans have so much proud to be americans, america has terrible laws, police treat people like shit, and apart from California, NYC and some other cities its really a shitty country...Europe is much better, we have much more cultural diversity, etc.

Only thing I really respect from America is black music ( jazz, blues, hip-hop, techno ) , but its kinda odd, because that muic was only originated because of slavery...

thats why modern day black kids are so obcessed with money and bling-bling, its because its like a counter reaction, its their way to conquer freedom in the true capitalist babillonic country.

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