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majority of palestinians say that hama rule is corrupt.

killing their commander is completely justified because of how corrupt the hamas are.

hamas have been shown to kill innocent civilians in gaza.

israel did kill lots of civilians but they didnt do it on purpose. it was a side effect.

also i believe israel protects its civilians better against such attacks. hamas dont care about their people.

also the whole thing with gaza started before the 6 day war. it started with PLO guerilla activity killing israeli soldiers and israel fighting back. this started conflict and then israel had trouble with arab terrorist attacks from syria and other places.

the 6 day war began and israel defeated a huge amount of surrounding arabs in 6 days. they conquered gaza.

now UN law says israel shouldnt have occupied that land. however in most wars throughout history its the general rule that if someone conquers someone elses land they can take that land as their own.

this is basicly what israel did. also they were scared because they had just defeated a neighbouring area and if they didnt control it then gaza would attack them again just as before.
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