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Originally Posted by whitey View Post
dude its a sound and a way about his lyricsm not heard much these days that also happens to resemble rap from the 90s.

it just sounds like what gritty gully nyc rap should sound like.
I dont agree, Mobb Deep was dark, but their beats\music didnt make me sad\depressive, its quite the oposite, old Mobb Deep used to get me hyped, and super energetic, I couldnt even listen to all tracks because this Reloaded album was getting me sad\depressive, maybe I will try some other day...

And why is this dude Roc Marcy always so fuckin serious, Ive never seen him smile, just look at that video with Random Axe "Chewbacca", everybody is having fun and enjoying life, and then Roc Marcy enters, it seems like he is a security guard or something, always super serious, dude, he should take some happy pills, fo real.

If you want real New York modern day hip-hop, listen to Sean Price, period.

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