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Originally Posted by soul controller View Post
How Earth's wandering poles return home

Closely-Orbiting Stellar Companions Surrounded by “Mystery Dust”

High-frequency flux transfer events detected near Mercury

Getting into the double digits with the number of 6.0+ this week

^^^ <-- Ionic absorption rate... Awesome tool to see how much plasma is getting to us here on Earth... sure as shit... Solar influence is maxed out right at the epicenter of this quake...


^^ sick nerd news

So basically there is a huge mass awakening that is happening right now. Many of the united states wanted a secession? Really? Another civil war?

What to do??
Originally Posted by STYLE View Post
no revolution. just 34,000 rednecks and hillbillies are mad that a nigger got re-elected to pres.

typical Soul jumping the conclusions and triggering his confirmation bias feedback loop

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