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Originally Posted by Shaolin Bloody Sword View Post
Apocalypse !!!! English is my 2nd language. French is my first . I grew up in the US... I speak a total of 4 languages. Ask these retards how many languages they speak? 1 only. Im on my 5th one "Spanish". They dumb my dude ! Im done with them. just wanted to let them know how they suck. I dont post a lot on here but i had to step in because i saw a lot of ignorance.

Not agreeing with the smug French guy w/ a side order of 'African Root's is real ig'nant

How old are you? and you still haven't grasped the idea music is subjective?

Basically in a nutshell - the people who assume the role of HipHop Scholar or Elitist just get mocked or labeled "tool"

Stop it

Originally Posted by Tony Bandana View Post
you dont want me coming around dressed in black homie
Originally Posted by TSA View Post
Honestly dude, this is why I want to go to hell. Hell is crackin.
Originally Posted by Crump Diddy View Post
Did I scare you?
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