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Originally Posted by Shaolin Bloody Sword View Post
Apocalypse !!!! English is my 2nd language. French is my first . I grew up in the US... I speak a total of 4 languages. Ask these retards how many languages they speak? 1 only. Im on my 5th one "Spanish". They dumb my dude ! Im done with them. just wanted to let them know how they suck. I dont post a lot on here but i had to step in because i saw a lot of ignorance.

Not agreeing with the smug French guy w/ a side order of 'African Root's is real ig'nant

How old are you? and you still haven't grasped the idea music is subjective?

Basically in a nutshell - the people who assume the role of HipHop Scholar or Elitist just get mocked or labeled "tool"

Stop it

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