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What casualties have the Hamas rockets caused?

Since 2001, when the rockets were first fired, more than 8,600 have hit southern Israel, nearly 6,000 of them since Israel withdrew from Gaza in August 2005. The rockets have killed 28 people and injured hundreds more. In the Israeli town of Sderot near Gaza, 90% of residents have had a missile exploding in their street or an adjacent one.
how come 28 people are killed in israel from 1000s of rockets which have obviously been hitting civilian areas yet when israel fires rockets into gaza 100s end up dying.

i think the answer is that hamas dont give a shit about people in gaza. most palestinians say hamas are corrupt and they want to get rid of hamas. ive also seen hamas killing innocent palestinians for no reason. hamas dont give a shit about civilians.

and because they dont give a shit they dont defend these people properly from rocket attacks.
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