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theproph grasshopper

I'm known for breaking limbs ask Roberts how he got hurt
Proph's words are similar to a proverb I'm hard to gauge even with a mossberg
I'm taking out imposters I know you like my rhymes
that's why you recite them shits and be like that's mine
and the flow so serious it should be fighting crime
my day job's to fuck your moms when I find the time
I come over remove the bitch spanx then she get spanked for an hour
then I nut up in your fish tank listen bitch you should give thanks
I turn John Smiths into John Does and that's within blinks
you're living proof that I don't spit blanks
but fuck pro choice women should have no voice cause who cares what a bitch thinks
you should've been aborted thwarted taking out back and slaughtered
when I give the order I'd have that shit recorded
I should've hit ya moms dead in the center knocked you from the placenta
she spread her legs as I'm preparing to enter
I fucked your mind up even before you were a minor
stabbing you in the face when I was in her vagina
you lucky this isn't China you weren't born with boy parts
they had to manufactured your shit like toy cars
that's right your rocking a prosthesis
so quit acting like ya moms and get off theproph's penis
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