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Im just wondering who he's talking about.. So Far we obviously know RZA is up for it,Ghost is Rae is, Masta Kill is.. Now theres Uey, Cappa, Deck and GZA who I aint read any interviews recently so i couldnt says whos up for it.. But I think they all saying thesame thing if everybodys up for it they're up for it so its time for RZA who says he wants to lead to start a programme up set dates and times, meeting and shit to get the ball rolling. What does'nt help RAE once again airing out things which should really stay out of shot. Yeah its about keeping it real, but when you had 8D come out RAE dissing the shit out of the album but hes on most the songs on the album it just dont make sense he put a dampner on the release. Ok i can understand the disappointment of not getting the beats etc but in these days of youtbe and twitter mans need to keep shit thats between family between family !
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