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Originally Posted by MASTER PAI MEI View Post
The rest try but end up getting left behind, like the odor from a fart,
this is a stream of thought, jigsaw puzzled knotted heads get caught, glimpses of dark trying to retrace the day they start, embark take a journey reveal the art, as brain waves and signals moving like a cog, dislodge any attempt of treacherous dogs, trying to trap, the dog catcher snoozing taking a nap, exact pain on those who front trying to act, their fraudulence is ate like HO HO snacks, from Hostess building the body with corrosives, the doses speed the brain into a sweet hypnosis, thoughts aborted as cardboard hearts are ripped apart, the dead are sorted from the outline of the chalk...
Outline of the chalk...

Dont mind how you talk, rewind how you walk...
or ima yank bank, the frank you eatin and my knife'll be tearin the tank top u wearin..
wucorp aint hearin, you get stole on like a gold earring, thats what U get for cold starin..
ya style old like mold I fold despite clothes, die slow, fight, holdin the welterweight..
take shelter, wait, defeat is also yours, enjoy it on a melted plate, go to hell and bake...

ghost until the bell awakes

Last Word Cypha /

Now AtotheC
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