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Originally Posted by LORD NOSE View Post
The Original Man is the Original Native of the Land called America
Quetzalcoatl is the God of America

he's Fused with the greatest of all nations on this globe

America - The Melting Pot -

You'll See Him and Hear him Soon

good ridance

Not happening.. all ancient accounts talk of these beings, all over the globe.. but THEY ONLY COME AFTER A WORLD WIDE DISASTER, AFTER A SO CALLED APOCALYPSE, THEY COME TO HELP HUMANITY/MANKIND REBUILD..

i could have mistaken sunnys post for a wackcloud post :s

Teh video wackcloud posted is obvious disinformation.. seen it posted in a few on fb, tha vast majority who knows whats going on.. see the obvious disinfo by that mexican mayan dude..

back to thread.

the happening will happen today.

in others news..

my friend on facebook was doing this thing asking people who they wanted to kick in the balls living or dead and I said Benjamin Netanyahu. they asked why;so I said:

"for launching yet another military assault against defenseless starving people. for doing so to look "tough" to the Israeli people so they'll re-elect him in January. for assassinating a Hamas leader via airstrike, who was trying to work towards peace with Israel, then blaming the Palestinians for starting the conflict. for blaming the deaths of civilians killed by the Israeli military on Hamas. for being the leader of an apartheid state and denying the Palestinian people their basic human rights, such as the right to self-determination. for opposing Palestinian statehood. for going in front of the UN and insulting the intelligence of the entire human race by holding up that ridiculous drawing of a bomb, trying to justify war with Iran. for trying to get America involved in yet more war in the Middle East. for denouncing any legitimate criticisms of the Israeli government's policies as "anti-Semitic". do you want more reasons? I could go on. the man is the leader of a rogue, militaristic, belligerent, nuclear-armed state, propped up with military aid that is paid for by American tax dollars. absolutely fucking disgusting. absolutely in dire need of a swift kick in the balls, not to mention a trial as a war criminal."

latest news : cant be arsed posting videos.. will make this shit lag for everyone, so i will just post teh links




Explosion that blew up that building-

Reuters getting shut off by israeli marines-

Aftermath of Building Explosion-


tanks 2

Prayers last night during bombings-

-Egyptian people rally in support for Gaza and say they want to storm in and act as human shields. Russia says they will back Egypt in whatever they do.
- Gaza's hospitals are completely exhausted, Egypt has opened borders and if offering 24/7 hospital treatment to all Palestinians
- Israel has done 600 raids, Gaza fired over 700 rockets back
- Iraq proposed all muslim countries embargo oil from the US and Israel
- Al-Hezbollah, an Islamic group, has called for a jihad against Israel and warned them to expect surprisingly strong retaliation.
- Israeli media has told iranian citizens to prepare for a 7 week war
- Hamas unveiled a new rocket called the m75, capable of hitting Tel-Aviv
- Iran has removed fuel from one of their reactions, prompting concerns over possible weapons
- The resistance shot down an Israeli F-16, confirmed by press TV
- Government has given the greenlight for full land invasion
- UN meeting soon
- Arab council meeting soon
- Iran president meeting with Palestinian leaders soon
- NATO members meeting soon
- 3 Israeli Soldiers/Pilots taken hostage

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