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Originally Posted by Canibusfan420 View Post
Oh really? And how is Hamas an "extremist terrorist organisation"? What makes them extremist? What is evil? And are their degrees of evil? Can degrees of evil be delineated into percentages? What percentage of evil would you say the Israeli government is? What about Sweden's government? Are they 1.5% evil?

I'm sure the problems in Iran and Israel and "other Middle Eastern countries" are complex. Let's not talk about it then.

I don't think anyone is saying any of these countries or organisations are better than one another, that's a pretty reductive and childish way of looking at it. Would you say one is more evil than the other though? Because that would be childish.
hamas dont care about their own people. theyve killed innocent civilian palestinians for no reason. also the rockets they send into israel have all been targeted at civillians.

80% of palestinians said in a poll that they thought that hamas were corrupt. and these were the same palestinians who want all jews to be gone from israel.

now the israeli forces dont target civillians. however israeli forces are brutal and they would kill 1 target if there were 30 civillians around it. but they do make announcements to gaza for people to evacuate their homes in certain areas because theyre going to send rockets there.

i dont belief in percentages of evil. i was just making the point that hamas are far worse because theyre a terrorist group. theyre extremist because they target innocent civillians and because theyre cruel to their own people (palestinians).

israel is brutal but they dont intentionally kill civillians.

i didnt say one country is more evil than another and im not telling people to not talk about problems in middle east.

im just sick and tired of people picking 1 side between israel or iran and saying everything that 1 side does is good and everything the other side does is wrong.

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