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Originally Posted by THE W View Post
so of these books from the bible that are not included, do they totally contradict the testimony of the ones that are included?

i dont expect those opposed to God to accept someone telling them that God made them for the purpose of honoring and glorifying him. since they see themselves as God, why would they want to honor or glorify anyone but themself? ego is the worst part of man, to find self, get rid of ego. i dont glorify myself, almost everything i do is for others., where did i say that the bible teaches us about sovereignty and authority? i said the bible teaching us about god's sovereignty and authority and how were are to honor God's sovereignty and authority with our lives. doing this is not to God's benefit, its to our benefit. just like a child obeying their parents is not to benefit the parents, but the child. i agree, i have seen many religious people at peace with themselves, with the world, and everything.. but they never tried to force anything onto anyone, they always see the good and want to help, but you dont need to be with god, or believing in god or his sovereignty to feel like that about people and every living creature on this planet

i fail to see how those disobeying the commands of the God they claim to serve means anything. they disobey for the same reason everyone else does. their god is the image they see in the mirror.i agree most peoples ego, makes them think they are god, i always ask moderately religious people (who try to get me to believe in god)of all religions,, why dont you., (ddependent on religion) be baptised, keep your hair, stop eating meat/drinking, prey when your supposed too, ie, do everything your god asks of you, give your all.. isnt that the purpose? to which they always reply defensivly in the vein of you cant tell me how to worship my god, its upto me.. i usually respond with.. well if you do everything your book asks of you, surely your life would be how your god would want you to live it, thus you get full rewards....

i dont say it to be cheeky, just to get that person to think about what the religion is telling him at heart. love and respect all. get on with everyone..

i also dont see the significance of pointing out that the bible has been edited by men. the theory of evolution and the big bang theory that theory actually came from a Christian.. lol. which is why i dont go for it.. thats why i posted the electric universe theory..which is part of a fractal reality.. ill post pic as that to me is way more correct, as everything fits in.. as we/i said earlier.. its the code.. modern science separates everything.. instead of bringing it together.. i think the whole system of science is on wrong models of this reality,, they need to look at the base(waves/frequency/vibration) of it, not the end result(physical reality) have also been edited by men. and? scientists dont use carbon dating for fossils anymore and use anothe rmethod because its more accurate. Correct, that is due to the sun, and cosmic rays that have been hitting us, they have been changing the decay rates since late 2010... but as i said modern science is stubborn as fuck. dogmatic as religion.. bible scholars do research on the original languages that the bible was wirtten in to more accurately translate what the original writers were saying.

what are these cultures or religions that the bible has taken things from? google, mythra, the epic of gilgamesh ,, lots of storys from sumer, from osirus (resurrection) apollonius of tyana ... in fact i see it as. all religions are secretly pagan, as all festivels, rituals, special days ... are in co relation to the effect of the sun or the moon.... but if u want to get deeper,, or all the religions are saturnalia... could get deep into that if you like..

basically we/everything is electro magnetic energy

somewhere in a fractal holographic infiniteverse

has to be a fractal reality.., the micro/macro levels is the same..


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