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Originally Posted by soul controller View Post
said before, so please let it sink in, hamas where created/founded/made by israel to do a job, ie, wipe out teh palestinians.. (incessantly) atm just as its economy was kicking ass, slowly they will force all them people out of their home lands.. israel is the AGGRESSOR always has and will be, the palestinians are the ones being defensive, at its they're lands, that have been taken, israel can never ever say its defending anything, when everything it has was taken by force, and back handedness..

the israeli government mostly tolerated and sometimes supported the hamas. they didnt create them. i dont think they financed them or gave them weapons. they tolerated them because they acted as a counterweight against the PLO. however israel realised how stupid they were when hamas started firing rockets into their country.

this is a good article on the matter.

but please dont take this quote literally, "Hamas, to my great regret, is Israel's creation,".
he later goes on to say how israel tolerated them and this brought them to power. israel definitely didnt start the hamas.

your saying the israeli govt aren't terrorists.

google israeli terrorists in the 40's

yes you gussed thats the entire israeli govt the last 30 years..

are u talking about the lehi party. they completely failed in politics. except 1 of the people who belonged to that party became prime minister but thats basicly it. and the prime minister was no longer a member of the party. and jews were heavily persecuted in the 40s by muslims.

the people who caused terrorism in that land, then became political leaders of their country, they've continued to continue that terrorism, with high tech weaponry, against home made bullshit..

can u name these political leaders. i know 3 prime ministers originally were in terrorist groups but mahority of those terrorist groups werent good in politics and barely won any seats. just 1 or 2 seats

israels tactics are the definition of terrorism. check harry fear. he tells of the way the israelis use psychological terrorism

yes ive istened to harry fear. i completely agree that israel uses disproportionate force. however israel also warns people in certain areas to evacuate their homes. i define a terrorist as someone who deliberately attacks civillians in order to ahieve political goals. i suppose it depends on how someone defines a terrorist.

palestine has no army, has no navy, has no control of its own cash(israeli govt give it to the puppet regime of hamas!!)

feel for the people bro.

Palestinians are deprived of their basic human rights !!!

International Aid workers are stopped from providing any humanitarian assistance to the people. !!!

The International community and media is not allowed to bring facts to world as due to strict restrictions !!!

this isnt completely correct. not all humanitarian assistance is blocked but a lot is. its not because of israeli terrorism. its because theyre worried of hamas getting more weapons so the israeli government. and so they have to block roads and have more stricter checks.

humanitarian aid can be used in an extremely bad way. especially in corrupt places. in africa humanitarian aid was used to fund rebels. corrupt places can use the humanitarian aid in a very bad way without people realising. ive heard that 20% of the money raised by band aid was used to buy guns for rebels in africa. when u give aid to corrupt places at least some of it will be used in a corrupt way.

ive recently heard of an even worse example

people have got to be careful of humanitarian aid. personally id never give money to people in gaza because i know the hamas will just use it to buy rockets. i would give food and stuff like that because it cant be used for weapons. but id still be scared because i thoink the hamas will steal the food and keep most of it for themselves.

and your still defending the illegal building of settlements.. lol i didnt expect you to have these views. rakimwutang

i never defended the illegal building of settlements. im just supporting israelis over hamas because israelis are the lesser of 2 evils.

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