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Originally Posted by THE W View Post

seeing as the original disciples had first hand accounts of what happened during jesus' ministry being that they were with him during that time and didnt give us the english translation we have today they cant really be blamed for what happened.

you would have to look at the people who translated the books to english.
seeing as they couldnt understand simple parables and they were complete idiots do u really trust them.

paul was the worst he didnt have a clue about jesus and turned jesus' gospel of love into a gospel of redemption salvation and atonement.

jesus never said why he died on the cross. paul and the 12 idiots were the first ones to say that he died to redeem them.

from reading the letters of paul and comparing it to the christian gospels i came to the conclusion that jesus and paul were very different people with very different attitudes.

and that reading paul is unhealthy.
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