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Originally Posted by HANZO View Post
yeah limiting 1.7million ppl to 2000 calories a day is real humanitarian.

Gaza is the biggest open air prison in the world.

Israel continues to eat up Palestinian land. Even a peaceful solution is out of question. Whenever the Palestinians go to the UN to ask for statehood as is their right, they are threatened by Israel and the US.

What are they supposed to do? bow down and take their occupation with grace. remember that the land was promised to the Palestinians by the British after WW1. they got screwed on that one, they continued to get screwed by other western powers and the UN. what other choice to they have now?

fact is Israel claims these acts are self-defence, so why is it wrong for an occupied nation to retaliate by launching rockets back? why do Palestinians not have the right to defend themselves, but Israelis do. the injustice going on is monumental.
i said earlier why that was. its because israel are shit scared of corrupt hamas manipulating that humanitarian aid. and also because of security.

it happened in africa when humanitarian aid was given to rebels instead of normal people in africa.

israel wont like it if it goes to the hamas.

to answer ur question about self defence

the hamas are targeting innocent civillians (therefore doesnt count as self defence). israel doesnt target innocent civillians but it does use disproportionate force which means lots of civillians end up getting hurt.

im not saying israel or palestine/gaza is more correct. i just want the vile hamas exterminated.
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Originally Posted by knewcheeze View Post
at least you fuckin an animal you are giving it pleasure instead of giving it pain.....better karma for you......
Originally Posted by CharlesJones View Post
I'm 37 years old, three years away from being 40. I'm getting old but I still feel young. I've had a few people tell me that I look young when I tell them how old iam.

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