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Originally Posted by pro.Graveface View Post
Build on? if u like ,
its about life, how u walk in it and how u look upon your own mirror, most important, that when u meet people or beings, do u reconize your mirror reflection? its like when u under 0r over stand this system, it expands the consciousness!
"it expands the conciousness"

does it ever!!!!!

yeah om working on this perception where basically not only am eye percieving that eye am the creator of the heavens but om also everything in it including people eye don't particulary like and life circumstances too

eye call it the ultimate levels of being spiritually responsible

the only hard part is when you get tested by difficult people or life circumstances

eye remember eye was high one day and got into a convo with sunny winters on KTL which eye would only engage in being lit where eye basically tryed to explain shit from the above perception and ended up being on sum picking natshit out of pepper type shit....
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