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jesus never once said he died on the cross to save people from their sins.

paul and the disciples came to that conclusion not jesus.

pauls message was a sadomasochistic one about how the most innocent pure man had to be brutally and savagely murdered for the sins of everybody else.

this is stupid for numerous reasons:

1) god is omnipotent and can therefore forgive or destroy sins with the snap of his fingers.

2) it is an extremely preverse form of judgement. punishing the innocent for the guilty. imagine if courts were run like that lol.

3) its very unlikely that a tender spirit like jesus would condone this type of thing.

jesus actually dealt with sin in a much more realistic manner. he dealt with it by simply forgiving it and also he didnt judge people. good and evil come from judgement. therefore because he didnt judge or differentiate, he didnt see sin in people. everyone became equal including God. there was no sin.

read "the idiot" by Dostoyevsky. it paints a much better image of jesus.

1 cor 13 showed that paul had very little understanding of love.
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