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"Years later, on the day of another gathering at Pleasant View, in 1903, a woman who lived in Concord was attracted by the crowd of the thousands of people who were walking to Pleasant View. She didn't know why they came, but she followed the crowd as fast as she could. She was paralyzed on one side. Also, she was destitute and her home life had been unbearable. She had decided that day to leave, never to return. When she reached Pleasant View that day, standing at the far edge of the crowd, she was unable to hear Mary Baker Eddy as she was addressing her guests. When the address was concluded the woman turned away in tears for this once more added disappointment of not having heard what had attracted so many people. She felt that it must have been an important message. On the way back to Concord, still in tears, as she crossed the street to a vacant lot, she saw a team of horses coming. She recognized the woman in the carriage to be the same woman who had spoken on the balcony at Pleasant View. She also recognized, as the carriage passed, that the woman leaned forward and looked at her. In the flow of this single moment of a voiceless communication the woman was instantly healed. She returned to her home and found the condition there also healed. She related later, about this moment, "Never before nor since have I seen the love and compassion in any human face that I saw in Mrs. Eddy's when she leaned forward and looked at me." "
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