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Default lmao!!

Originally Posted by BlackSmith View Post
What kind of faggot shit is what I thought when I read your post rudeboy.

I'm asking when Dark Matter drops asshole. Have an answer ? If not then shut the fuck up and keep it moving you cunt.

I didnt know Gza was naming his new album Dark Matter. I sent beats for it when it was untitled years ago siiin. How hard is that to understand ?

And I had a question about LOLS and LS2. How bloodclot stupid are you ediat child ? Fucking dumb cunts can't read here or something ? Ha ha siiin these batty boy trolls are the weakest on Wu Corp.

Yah Bambaclaat Batiman !

That's right, brethren tell'em! Da, bwoy a fuckin botti fish!
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