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Originally Posted by Face of the Golden Falcon View Post
this is why I wrote:

You are right. On the sub-atomic level the same laws don't apply. We don't experience reality on a day-to-day basis at the sub-atomic level though. We're currently tuned in to the channel you are looking at everytime you step out your door. That's the beauty of this infinite classroom we find ourselves in. It's kinda like a video game, a simulation like Soul said in another post, there are particular laws that need to be harmonized with on this level and until you do you're not going to advance to the next level.

There is no point trying to play a video game and complaining that what's on the screen is really just a whole bunch of 0's and 1's. Seeing it that way does not help you play the game. That's not to say it isn't important to understand that aspect of it because doing so will allow you to see the truth behind the video game ie, that your avatar is not really you but a vehicle for you to come into the game by. To remind you that whilst you are in the world you are not of the world. While you are in the world though not aligning yourself with the flow of it will only lead to suffering.

And concerning a complete natural order, it does work at all levels. Just because different levels follow different laws doesn't mean they don't all synthesize into a complete picture.
yes i agree with this but i think i react to it differently than you. and this is important. it shows the difference between the two greatest philosophers ive ever read.

schopenhauer believed that the world was will and idea(a simulation) and that with complete willpower we could do anything we want. however he didnt like will because he thought willing and craving led to suffering because we werent alligned. he believed in cessation of the will. that happiness came when we werent struggling against other forces when we were completely at rest. or as yo put it alligned.

nietzsche on the other hand thought lifes purpose was will to power. that struggling and not being alligned was good. that happiness comes from every struggle and challenge we overcome. nietzsche thought that self-overcoming was the way forward. he beliebed in the destruction and creation of values. he created his concept of the ubermensch. someone who goes beyond all good and evil and transcends all values in order to create his own. he wouldve wanted someone to completely to go out of phase with the simulation. to overcome the rules of the simlation and to destroy it basicly and then create his own values. to gain complete power.

i guess t depends on the person on which direction he wants to go.

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