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Sorry man, I would sell it to you but I changed my mind. I couldn't really get into it, but my workflow now is great. I only use it cause of the efx and then sample it on the MPC 2000XL. You from Netherlands as well? I go back and forth from Amsterdam and Groningen because of college. I know a friend of mine wants to sell his 404, it's no SX tho.
No worries fam, some things are harder to part with than others.
Ain't gonna jinx'in any good workflows, so keep going! Oh aight i got you.
Nah man, I live close to Aarhus (DK) - further up north, also studyin'! - Ain't been to the Netherlands yet, but planning on it. Only drove thru' briefly on the way to Brussels, Belgium.
Had my homie in mind, when i asked, I knew he was lookin' for something like this - Let me get at him, and i'll let you know if he is down!
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